Finally, Ours :)


Assalamualaikum :)

today is a National Holy-day. cause it is a " Hari Raya Nyepi". The Holy day for Hindu's religion.
first, daddy asked us (mommy, me, githa n affan) to go to our house in cibubur. Actually it is finished to built, but daddy wants a musholla, storage room, and a waterwall at backyard. yahh, almost done laah hehehe

all of us was wore sport outfit cause daddy told us that we can jogging also. but i just warming up (i think) at carport of my house :p

here is our pict at OUR house in Cibubur Garden :) (although still empty hehehe)

The big fat bro, Affan. he is 9th years old

My dearest Sista, Githa. she is slimmy and cute

Me. wearing a grey T-shirt and hijab, black training, & white sport shoe

Affan, Daddy, and Mommy

After checking our house in cibubur, we went to Bogor. yes, daddy also has a house in Villa Mutiara Bogor. but it's just for rent. and it's too small for us. we went to botany square and back to home in the rainy..

I feel soooo sleeppy guys, good nitee..


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