Loved to and Hated to


I love cullinary
I love to sightseeing and try a new interesting spot
I love drama and romantic commedy movie
I love to sharing experience with someone else
I love to chats
I love to make a jokes and teardropping laugh
I love fashion
I love all about wedding ;)
I love classic and candid photography
I love evening after rain smelled oceanus
I love saman dance
I love shopping
I love swim
I love to read an inspiring books, magazines, and articles about cozy home
I love wrapping
I love handycraft
I love to pay attention to someone's habbit and activity
I love quotes
I love advertising
I love yellow light
I love accoustic
I love my dearest people

I hate Counting
I hate unpuntual person
I hate slither animals
I hate "diceramahin secara terselubung"
I hate long windid case
I hate a hello and goodbye
I hate strange people and place
I hate unrespected
I hate to commanding
I hate to far away from my dearest people

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