Di Penghujung bulan Februari


Singkat sekali perjalanan di bulan ini. Kalo kita ga rajin nulis, semuanya terlewat tanpa ada kesan apa-apa. dan untuk menulis itu sebenarnya ngga sulit. tetapi untuk dipublish mungkin kita sering pikir dua sampe belasan kali dan akhirnya cuma mikir aja ga nulis nulis ;)

Yeah, february it's the shortest month among others. It's just have 28 days. And I just want to review this really short month..

First week on February :
I had a short trip (you can see my picts in the next post ya)

Second week on February
Back to campus life anymore. Yes am excited. Because am start this new sem with a concentration in my majoring of Business Administration. Yes, finally iam taking a Human Resource Development concentration. Whereas, i've distraughted to make a decision. Should take a marketing or HRD conc. after considering about my interest in psychology, good and humble friends of mine, wise and so kindhearted lectures for this concentration, then, Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, i take a HRD concentration. wish i gotta compatible company for internship and also got A for my mini thesis, amin..

Celebrating daddy's birthday and Syukuran for our new house :)

Third week on February
Just  enjoy every part of my days in HRD class. and i had a suddenly "team-building" from HRD class to Ramen Sanpachi for lunch. I ordered a Jigoku Ramen level 8. Over all, i don't literally like a taste so much. because it has a different kind of spicy with Indonesian Spicy. I love a flavor of 'rawit' than a chili powder seasoning.

Fourth week or the last week on February
Honestly, this week Ayah Mama mostly made me blue. all the things about parent always succeed made my feeling touched. my days never passed without their advices. Ayah and Mama have each different way to educate their children. Ayah can express and describe clearly what a good thing should do or do not, he also can do ALL mother's jobs when mom not do that. kinda cook a breakfast, gardening, even clean a room!  he hug me tightly when i gotta stressed out or being dizzy. he told, that hugs cure everything. and i am very comfort when he doing that :')
Mom's way of taking care of me is different with dad's. Mom is an introvert person. She cannot show how she loves her children verbally. she do that directly. sometimes i really missed cuddling with her like I was a child, or have a sweet little words that show she really loves me lots, but i know, maybe during i grow up, she treat me mature in her way.
But, however they are, whatever their ways, i know, it contains a lot of love and care..

A parent's love is whole no matter how many times divided.  ~Robert Brault,

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  1. haihai..
    ngambil HRD nihh..
    ambil bussinenss administrasinya?

    kita bersebrangan tp mempelajari yg samaa :)
    aku ambil psikologi tp mayoring Psi.industri dan organisasi

    goodluck for your college :D

  2. haloo wina :D
    wow, serupa tapi tak sama ya jurusan dan konsentrasi kita hehehe

    anw, kamu Psikologi mana wina?
    udah sem brp?

    Break a leg for ur college alsooo :)



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