21. two character of personality. one motivation



February always been my favorite month. nevertheless it contain a lot of complex things. especially for this semester, which i must read a lot of journals for references of my mini thesis. but am do that wholeheartedly and passionate because i really wanna graduated next year, 2012. wish Allah grant it. Amen

late little surprise from my best

i got this gift from my aunt. can you guess it?

Dad's Birthday on February 14 :)

Because of am not at home on my birthday at February 3,
mom ask me to blew the candles up together with Daddy

another sweet gift from another bestfriends, Puput and Ratih. xoxo

And Finally, i got 21 on february 3. Alhamdulillah..
on this age period i felt that i have TWO characters of personality
sometimes i can so cheerful, but often, i trapped being a sentimental one
but whatever i am now, it won't made me such an unpleasant woman :D

i have one good song from Tompi.
this song can presented our respectfulness, pride, and also love for our beloved person.
and this song dedicated for my Incredible... Ayah.

Rgrds, Febby

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