attending Jakarta Fashion Week (APPMI) with hijabers


i was attend JFW for APPMI  (Asosiasi Perancang dan Pengusaha Mode Indonesia) esp for mosleem wear.
the show was held at pasific place on Tuesday, 9 november 2010.

The Mosleem designers who showed they dresses are Irna Mutiara, Yuyuk Nurmaisyah, Najua Yanti, Nuniek Mawardi, Hannie Hananto, and the Youngest mosleem designer, Dian Pelangi.
each of them has they own character and uniqueness with catchy backsound.
Poor me, my camdig can't work well when the fashion show was held. the pictures that i've took exteremely full of light and flash! whereas, i didn't use my flash when i took the pictures.
so, i didn't have a photos of the show :(
but, don't be sad, you can enjoy the photos of the show in my hijabers' friend blog and facebook account. And surely, in Hijab scarf. yayy!!

1st : puput utami
2nd : mbak lulu 
3rd : mbak daisy
4th : ka fitri
5th : ka egin
6th : ka tia
7th : ka etu

and, my favorite blog :
they all have lots of picts when the show was held :D

me attending that show with my hijabers friend. first of all, putri was force me to see the show!
to be honest, i'm not too excited to attending the fashion show or else like that. because i'm not officially like hustle and crowded situation. but it's something different!
i felt attractive and charmed when i see the show from the front-row (accidentally fortunity. heu)
and i felt cheer-up-ing when make new friend from hijabers group.
actually, i knew them before, but this is my umm 2nd time to meet up, 1st time i meet them when i joined the hijabers gathering - break fasting at Urban Kichen Plaza Indonesia
but, i didn't met all of them. so, i'm definitely happy to meet up with em!

anw, this is my first time to attend fashion show ;)

dearest hijabers. i grab this from HIJABSCARF

sama sahabatku, si blogger cantik, puput utami :p

talented and beautiful, ka innaa 

Urban Kitchen

meet and greet with new friends. but im officially knew, mba daisy from her blog  

with sarah, bibil, ka icha, dan ka etuuu (si mungil kaka kelasku juga)

finally, i met ka fitri (seniorku di kampus hehe) :)

in the front-row

ka jehan dan rommy

the front-row

with ka wulan (ka etu's bestfie. she is so-hearted person :)), ka jehan and ka tantri

the point is..
from each photos there are peoples who i've knew before but i haven't met them yet.
i knew them from blog or from the group.
there are very humble and nice.
still waiting next meet and greet. yay!!

loves and salaam,

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  1. waaaaaaaa,,,seru ya...
    bisa ktemu orang2 yang paham fashion gtu....
    kapan ya aku bsa ikutan acara kaya gini...

  2. heii,, aq tagihhh janjimu untuk mengantar kami makan dim sum sepuasnya....

    geng jak-ut musti sering kumpul nich :)

    miss to see u again

  3. hei mba,,,,,pgn gabung nih,,,klian fashionable tapi syar'i....^^ *kagum*



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