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First day on my last short family trip.. :]

We went to Kota Baru Parahyangan on the afternoon.
and just arrived in hotel within 5 hours. Yesshh, we spent a long time in the rest area hehehe
Because that was a long weekend and the road was quite full with so many "B" license plate.

Then, we just arrived in kompleks Kota Baru Parahyangan and did check-in in hotel.
After enter our room and put our stuffs room we go to Al Irsyad Mosque.
Have you ever known before about that mosque? Hmm I'll share my pics on my next post ;)

I took a few pics of that mosque while Daddy was praying Isya. And i didn't do pray because of my "routine thing" ;p

Next, we're back to hotel and have a rest for tomorrow's activity

My Outfit 
Dress by Ria Miranda
Soft Orange Kaffah Scarf from Saturday Market 
Rosepearl Necklace from Fleur by Febby Pramitha ;)

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